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Need Tech Services?  We'll Handle I.T.


RCHTECH will provide the small business technology service solutions you require

by combining the business processes, software, hardware, and network configurations you need to run your business smoothly and successfully.


Choose the right plan for you to get single project or monthly support for 

  • Networking integration

  • Monthly management and maintenance

  • Information security

  • I.T. management consulting

  • Mobile access and support options

  • Network move and migration support

  • Microsoft Office 365 Migration and support services

Standard Service Level Agreement
Recommended for Businesses of 5 to 15 Employees with 1-2 Servers.
Advanced Service Level Agreement
Recommended for Businesses of 16 to 30 Employees with 2-4 Servers.
Custom Service Level Agreement
Contact us today to discuss custom monthly plans to meet your specific needs and for projects you are planning.
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